NMDA are an active lobbying organisation, committed to working with Government to provide a favourable climate for motorcycle retailers to operate in. Below are some examples of recent lobbying campaigns undertaken by NMDA:

OFT (Office for Fair Trading)

NMDA lobbied the OFT regarding the proposal to force retailers to display the value of finance commission. The publised guidance had implied that dealers would have to clearly display in showrooms the amount they make from each finance deal. After discussion, the rule that was eventually implemented was that dealers only need to declare the commission if asked for it by the customer.

Collective redress

NMDA has long called for collective redress, a concept similar to class action in the USA where an organisation can take a person to court on behalf of an individual. After three years of consultation with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, an announcement was made in January 2013 that a new collective action regime would be implemented. This allows trade associations to take up legal claims on behalf of members.

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)

NMDA recently took action when DVLA announced the closure of regional DVLA offices by ensuring that any effect on motorcycle dealers was minimal. This included removing set up fees and removing indemnities that were needed to cover the fact that dealers' bikes were carrying tax discs. As a result of lobbying, DVLA will be withrdrawing holding tax discs at bike dealerships this June.

EU Proposals

Recent EU proposals affecting aftermarket accessories are currently under scrutiny from the UK government. When the proposals become clearer, NMDA will be analysing and reacting to the changes to ensure motorcycle retailers are represented and their concerns given a voice.

For more information please contact Caterina Recina on caterina.recina@rmif.co.uk or 020 7307 3422


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