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Comment on franchised dealers' labour rates

NFDA 26/04/2017

The National Franchised Dealers Association which represents franchised car and commercial vehicle dealers in the UK notes the results of the motoreasy survey published today. The research, highlighted the difference in labour rates across the UK, however the NFDA is of the opinion that the hourly price of a service is not the true way of measuring value.

“The franchised dealer network has highly trained skilled engineers who place safety and the quality of service above the hourly cost. The hourly rate, measured in the motoreasy survey does not equate to final bill and is not reflective of the final cost of service.

“An unqualified engineer, charging an hourly rate, may take longer to service a vehicle as a result of not having access to the manufacturer, the specialist equipment and the added FOC services such as software updates”, comments Sue Robinson, NFDA Director.

In the recent Spring 2017 NFDA Consumer Attitude Survey it was revealed that the average final service price difference between franchised dealers, independent garages and non-franchised national chains was only £20 difference. In addition 67% of consumers thought franchised dealers represented good value for money.

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