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Independent garages top consumer satisfaction charts

IGA 10/04/2017

The Independent Garage Association (IGA) is delighted, but not surprised - to see that independent garages topped consumer satisfaction comparisons in the National Franchised Dealers Association’s (NFDA) Consumer Attitude Survey Spring 2017.

The survey which researches consumer attitudes towards servicing and repair in the retail automotive aftermarket, concluded that independent garages offer the greatest level of satisfaction compared to franchised dealers and non-franchised national chains.

The survey found that independent garages stand out against competitors for their MOT work, changing brakes and discs, replacing parts and in particular for their locality and convenience.

The top five reasons consumers chose an independent garage over other providers were:




Value for money
Not getting ripped off

Stuart James, IGA Director comments, “The independents will always score highly with customer satisfaction due to their personal involvement in the way customers are treated, and in recent years efforts to improve perceptions of the sector have been very successful.”

The NFDA Consumer Attitude Survey aims to explore current market perceptions of franchised dealerships and their competitors, and understand consumer opinions and behaviour in the UK aftermarket sector.

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Stuart James, IGA Director, is available to interview.
NFDA Consumer Attitude Survey Spring 2017:

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