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NFDA comments on the Government's air quality plan

NFDA 05/05/2017

“The largest gains in air quality will come by encouraging the uptake of the latest low emission vehicles of all fuel types. It is positive to see that the Government will be consulting on the issue. This needs a consistent and coordinated approach, which involves Government, manufacturers and retailers”, said Sue Robinson Director of the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA), which represents franchised car and commercial vehicle retailers in the UK.

Today, the Government has published its draft air quality proposal alongside a consultation which will run until 15 June, a final plan will be published by 31 July. Some of the key elements included in the consultation are a targeted scrappage scheme for vans or cars and clean air zones.

Robinson continued, "We are pleased to see that the Government is determined to be at the forefront of vehicle innovation by making motoring cleaner, but it is crucial that consumers continue to receive significant support. A clear timeframe of implementation for clean air zones and new policies must be published to ensure businesses and consumers are aware of the changes and able to plan their investments, especially considering that many motorists were previously encouraged to purchase diesel vehicles.

“The NFDA, in its elections manifesto, has called for the Government to commit to a fair and transparent fuel policy which considers the impact of all types of air pollution, expanding beyond private cars, motorcycles and vans. These include other forms of transport, industry and buildings.

“We will be looking closely at the Government’s plan and respond to the consultation. The NFDA is looking forward to engaging with Government and manufacturers to tackle air quality.”

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