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Motorcycle demand continues to decline ahead of 67-plate change

NMDA 12/09/2017

“Demand for motorcycles continued its downward trend in August – marking 8 consecutive months of decline in the market”, said Stephen Latham, Head of the National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA) which represents motorcycle retailers across the UK.

Registrations in August fell by –17.8% compared to the same period last year, with the total number of bikes being sold down to 6,856 units.

The 51-125cc range suffered the most significant decline of -36% compared to August 2016, and -32.8% year-to-date so far. The 126-650cc range was also down -5.5% - a shortfall of only 67 less bikes registered compared to the same month in 2016.

Overall there was a modest growth in the 651-1000cc sector which was up 3.1% and larger bikes over 1000cc up by 5%. This is encouraging as with these more expensive motorcycles, owners often hold back making purchases and wait for the latest number plate. It is expected that these larger prestigious machines will continue to see growth over the coming months.

Latham continued, “August is typically a low volume month as many riders hold off purchasing new bikes until September when the new number plate is released, however registrations this August were significantly lower than expected.

“We are disappointed to see the continued downward trend in the smaller bike ranges which are often purchased for commuting purposes. We had expected by now to have seen the end of the oversupply of lower priced bikes and scooters following the Euro 3 and 4 changes over.

“Honda dominated the market in August being the top seller in the 51-125cc, 126-650cc & 651-1000cc sectors. Yamaha and Triumph took second and third place, whilst Lexmoto was in fourth place as they now have a good supply and range of new Euro 4 products coming into the UK.”

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Results taken from the Motorcycle Industry Association Press Statistics August - New Motorcycle Registrations.

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