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IGA reinforces importance of 3-1-1 MOT structure following increase in failure rates

IGA 15/07/2019

The Independent Garage Association (IGA) maintains their stance that the current 3-1-1 MOT structure is right for the safety of UK motorists, following an increase in cars failing the MOT test.

New statistics released by the DVSA following a freedom of information request, show a 37% increase in the number of cars failing their MOT in the past year. Just over 10 million cars failed in the year beginning May 2018, compared to 7.3million during 2017.

Frank Harvey, Head of Member Services at the IGA, states, “As vehicle technology advances, cars are lasting longer and the periods of ownership are extending. Whilst modern cars are more reliable than they have ever been, they are also covering more miles and therefore require more frequent servicing and maintenance.

“These new statistics show that a vehicle’s first MOT test remaining at 3 years was the right decision, however an MOT is not a guarantee that a vehicle is roadworthy. Motorists should always ensure that their cars are regularly serviced and properly maintained to avoid hidden, dangerous faults.”

The IGA successfully lobbied to maintain the existing 3-1-1 system in 2018, after the government proposed changing the period before a car’s first MOT test to 4 years, which could have increased the number of deaths and injuries on the road by up to an estimated 2,000 per year.

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