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NMDA Dealer Attitude Survey Autumn 2019 results revealed

NMDA 29/11/2019

“The NMDA is encouraged to see that this year’s Autumn 2019 Dealer Attitude Survey received a response rate of 18% made up of nine brands. Participants in this survey were made up of 82% of independently owned franchise dealers, and 16% privately owned groups. 52% were single brand dealer’s whist the remainder of 48% were multi-franchised.” commented Stephen Latham, Head of the National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA).

The NMDA Autumn 2019 Dealer Attitude Survey, published today (Friday 29 November 2019), shows that the all dealer average when asked about the overall value of the franchise remained static at 6.2 since the last survey in Spring 2019

  • Kawasaki, Triumph and Ducati were recorded as the top 3 franchises

  • The least valued franchises by respondents were Piaggio Group, Yamaha and Hond

When asked about their ability to do business with their manufacturer on a day-to-day basis, the score average increased by 0.2 points since the last survey

  • The partnership dealers have with their manufacturer scored an all dealer average of 3.4

  • Piaggio Group dealers were the most dissatisfied for a third survey in a row with the partnership they have with their manufacturer, having reported a score of 2.4 since the last survey (where they scored 2.1) and fall to 9th position in the ratings chart

  • Kawasaki and Suzuki were the top scoring dealers with a score of 4.3 and 3.9 

Dealer profit and future profitability both increased in this survey from Spring 2019

  • When rating the profit return by representing their franchise, the all dealer average went up by 0.1 points from 2.6 to 2.7

  • Ducati, Triumph and Kawasaki were recorded as the top 3 franchises

  • When asked about the future profitability of their business, the all dealer average went up by 0.1 points from 2.9 to 3.0

  • Again, Ducati, Triumph and Kawasaki were all jointly recorded as the top 3 franchises

Latham continued, “This year’s survey shows that overall dealers are fairly satisfied with the business relationship they have with their manufacturer. The two manufacturers who saw their scores across all questions improve were Kawasaki and Ducati. Both saw a significant increase and stood out as the main manufacturers making positive progress in the eyes of their dealers.   

“Dealers are on average most satisfied with the image of the brands they represent and products they sell. This suggests that dealers are brand patriotic and confident in how the consumer views their manufacturer. Particularly, dealers were satisfied with the costs and quality of manufacturer training, dealer standards and retail sales and promotions. 

“With the declines in scores for certain key questions, there is still scope with certain manufacturers to develop their relationships with their dealer networks as some still fall well below average in certain areas of the survey.”

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- In this year’s survey, we have included off-road and ATV franchises of some Japanese brands

- Due to differing levels of participation from motorcycle dealers taking part in the NMDA survey, we have decided to eliminate the restriction of a minimum 15% brand participation from this survey and all future surveys. 

- Overall the survey has been well supported by most brands and manufacturers therefore we believe it would be unfair to restrict the input from some dealers who participate in the survey, even if in small numbers. 

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