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IGA responds to survey about rip-off garages

IGA 13/12/2019

The Independent Garage Association (IGA) is reinforcing its standpoint on improving business-customer relations in response to a survey that suggest motorists fear being ripped off on vehicle repairs.

The research from Click4reg details how four out of five people in Britain believe garages will deliberately overcharge on vehicle repairs. However, independent garages who are part of a recognised trade association or code of practice such as a Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) scheme, will explain everything clearly and be priced fairly.

Frank Harvey, IGA Head of Member Services, said “We understand that it can be disconcerting for motorists when the news tells of garages allegedly overcharging for work carried out. IGA members operate under a code of conduct Trust My Garage, which enhances the relationship between themselves and the motoring public.

“Garages who deliberately overcharge customers are definitely the exception and not the rule, and it is understandable to be concerned. However, it must be made clear that whilst we are all concerned about being overcharged in many areas of our lives, the article referred to talks about motorists fears and does not state that motorists are actually being overcharged."

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  • Frank Harvey, IGA Head of Member Services, is available to interview

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