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Retailers to display NFDA's EV Approved badge on Auto Trader

NFDA 05/05/2020

As part of the continuous efforts to drive consumer demand for electric vehicles, NFDA has partnered with Auto Trader to enable all ‘Electric Vehicle Approved’ (EVA) retailers to display their EVA badge of approval on their adverts on Auto Trader’s marketplace.

Electric Vehicle Approved (EVA) is an accreditation scheme developed by the NFDA to recognise excellence in the electric vehicle (EV) retail and aftersales sectors. The scheme, officially launched in May 2019, was endorsed and funded by the Government’s Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) during a three-month pilot and its first year.

Dealerships are independently audited by Energy Saving Trust (EST) to ensure they meet the scheme’s standards and therefore receive the accreditation. The standards cover key areas of EV retail and aftersales, including customer communication, staff training and knowledge, and availability of charge points on site.

Automotive retailers have fully embraced the initiative, firstly, taking part in the three-month pilot phase that started in November 2018 and then rapidly filling up the one hundred slots available to them when the scheme formally launched in May 2019.

Consumers who intend buying, or already own, an electric car need to consider a number of aspects they may not be familiar with. These include the battery range of the car, the availability of charge points in their area where they live and or work, and how long a vehicle will need to be plugged in to reach a full charge.

Retailers play a key role in informing customers about the benefits of owning an EV. The dealerships that have already obtained their EVA accreditation have started to communicate their expertise to customers through visible EVA branded point-of-sale and marketing material displayed in showrooms, and now they will be seen on the UK’s largest automotive marketplace too.

Sue Robinson, Director of the NFDA, commented: “The EVA accreditation gives motorists the confidence that EV Approved retailers can provide the best possible customer experience in the EV sector. Following an extremely successful first year, when retailers responded enthusiastically to the launch of the scheme, it is crucial that more customers understand the value of the EV accreditation going forward.

“It is positive that thousands of consumers will now be able to recognise EV accredited retailers on Auto Trader”.

Tim Anderson, Head of Transport at Energy Saving Trust, said: “We are delighted that the dealers who have achieved the EVA standard will now be easy more easily identified on Auto Trader. All of them have the trained staff, facilities on site and a team motivated to provide a great customer experience when buying or having their electric vehicle serviced. As well as helping customers find a knowledgeable supplier, this partnership also recognises the hard work EVA dealers have invested in the scheme to qualify for the badge of approval”.

Karolina Edwards-Smajda, Auto Trader’s Director for Commercial Products, said: “We’re committed to making the consumer buying experience more transparent and as stress free as possible, and in by doing so, helping our retailer partners build more confidence in their brands. The introduction of the EVA badge, along with a complete redesign of how retailers’ information is presented on their Auto Trader adverts, is a big part of that commitment.

“All of our data highlights the huge growth in consumer demand for low emission vehicles, so the EVA accreditation is an excellent way for retailers to stand out from their competitors and take advantage of this bright spot in the market. We’re pleased to be able to support such a beneficial initiative.”

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