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NAMA car auction report March 2017

NAMA 19/04/2017

The National Association of Motor Auctions (NAMA) has published its monthly car auction data report today for March 2017.

The report shows that overall in March:

First time conversation rates decreased by -0.1% to 83.3% from the previous month and down by -0.3% on the same period last year

Average sales value increased by 0.1% compared to last March from £4,959 to £4,965

Average mileage went down by -4.1% to 66,469

The first time premium was £83

Louise Wallis, Head of NAMA, commented, “The Wholesale market started the month buoyantly with high conversion rates and strong sales values. During the month, more stock arrived at auction which was generated from strong new car sales and the March plate change. This resulted in slightly weaker conversion rates and prices than at the start of the month.

Overall conversion rates for the month were only marginally lower than February and sales values were marginally better than last March.  This suggests the market is still performing well and coping with the recent increase in cars coming through the auction halls.”

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Notes to editors:

The full NAMA Car Auction Report is available from the RMI Press Office on request.

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