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Motorcycle registrations driven by consumer demand in April

NMDA 11/05/2021

“Power Two Wheelers (PTWs) have shown a significant year-on-year increase of 570% (10,874 units). With the lockdown in April 2020 preventing dealers from making sales, this month’s figures should come as no surprise that consumer demand is back on the rise”, said Paddy O’Connell, Head of the National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA) which represents PTW dealers in the UK commenting on the latest MCIA’s figures.

MCIA’s latest registration figures showed year to date, PTWs are up 16.2% (3,878 units) compared to the same period last year, which is a positive indication that 2021 should be a buoyant year for dealers and the industry. Alongside campaigns such as NFDA’s #DestinationDealer and MCIA’s, the push to get the public onto PTWs as an alternative form of transport is showing no signs of letting up.

April saw sales of ePTWs carrying on their upward trend with a 515.7% rise (431 units sold), 346 of these registered in the 1- 4KW category. This power output is most comparable with 0-50cc internal combustion engines (ICE) that achieved 838 sales in total, it is interesting to see that ePTWs contributed to 29.2% of that market.

In the notable categories: Adventure Sport was up 23.4%, Naked 11%, Enduro -11.1% and motorcycles in general up 16.2%. With progress made year-to-date on almost all styles of PTWs, it was only Sports Tourers (-42.4%) and Supersports (-9.2%) that have failed to catch-up so far this year.

The Yamaha NMAX 125cc overtook the BMW R 1250 GS Adventure from the top spot registering 537 units.  Honda maintained the accolade for highest registering major brand (1,666 units), with Yamaha (1,355 units) and Triumph (823 units) both overtaking BMW (694 units) in April.

Paddy O’Connell added, “With dealerships now fully open for the month and member’s order banks growing, the main issue to consider will be manufacturer supply. Managing customer expectations for lead times may prove to be challenging over the coming months.

“The NMDA continues to encourage members to get behind the #DestinationDealer campaign. This initiative is to help dealers reconnect with their customers and remind them that Motorcycle and Scooter showrooms are not just a place to transact, they are also a place to chat, have a coffee, look at the new products and meet up with like-minded people”.

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Results taken from the Motorcycle Industry Association Press Statistics April 2021 – New Motorcycle registrations.

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