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NFDA welcomes What Car?’s findings on franchised dealers’ trustworthiness

NFDA 26/05/2021

“It is extremely positive that consumers continue to see franchised dealers as the most trustworthy place to buy their next used car; these findings indicate the crucial role that franchised dealers play in the buying process alongside the significant growth of online sales”, said Sue Robinson, Chief Executive of the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA), which represents franchised car and commercial vehicle dealers in the UK commenting on the findings published by What Car? today, 26 May 2021.

What Car? has run a poll of 1,571 used in-market buyers to find out how receptive used buyers are to buying their next vehicle entirely online.

The findings of the research showed 94% of respondents stated they are either very or fairly confident in buying their next used car from a franchised dealer, compared with 63% from a car supermarket, 55% from an independent dealer and 20% from an online-only provider.

What Car? indicated age was not a significant factor in determining this level of trust, with buyers in the 17 to 34-year old and 55 and over age groups expressing similar levels of confidence. Further insights by What Car? revealed 24% of used buyers expect to purchase in the next four weeks, while 33% are set to buy within 1-3 months, as demand for used cars remains buoyant.

What Car?’s data echo NFDA’s latest Consumer Attitude Survey (CAS), run in 2020, which focused on the aftersales side of the market. The CAS revealed trust in franchised dealers grew when consumers rated servicing for less common engine types (including plug-in hybrid, battery electric). Additionally, the survey showed recent usage of franchised dealerships substantially boosts trust for owners of cars of all engine types.

Sue Robinson added: “Over the past twelve months, franchised dealers have demonstrated their resilience, adapted, and accelerated their digitalisation processes to meet consumer demand online and through click & collect.

“Going forward, as the market transition to zero-emission vehicles continues, retailers will be playing a crucial role to instil in motorists the confidence they need to switch to types of vehicles they may be less familiar with”.

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