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NMDA and NMC Announce Partnership on Motorcycling Issues

NMDA 19/10/2021

The National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA) and The National Motorcyclists Council (NMC), have today announced a new partnership on matters relating to motorcycling campaigning and government policy issues.

There are several issues relating to government policy towards motorcycling where the interests of both dealers and riders align. In particular, how motorcycling is treated in core transport and road safety policy.

As rider facing businesses, motorcycle dealers are aware of many issues that affect their motorcycling customers. As the dealer’s representative body, the NMDA is largely able to support  the NMC approach. Likewise, the NMDA operates a strong lobbying stance on several issues which are supported by the NMC.

The NMC’s member organisations represent a motorcycling public which has regular contact with dealers and the trade, meaning that the new partnership will help foster good relations between the trade and motorcycling groups through the exchange of information and views on various motorcycling public policy and consumer topics.

Patrick O’Connell, Head of the NMDA said: “The rider is at the very core of NMDA member businesses. We are happy to have NMC in membership, our partnership highlights the understanding that our sector is rider focussed and that there are far more issues that unite us than divide us. The relationship will strengthen our collective voice in government and reinforce our member relationships with the general public, bringing benefit to the whole sector”.

Craig Carey-Clinch, the NMC’s Executive Director added: “The NMC is delighted about this new partnership and welcomes the NMDA into NMC membership. Given the direct interface that dealers and the wider trade have with motorcyclists, NMDA members have an understanding of many of the issues that face motorcyclists in the UK. There are several rider issues where the NMDA and NMC have common interests and the new partnership can only strengthen the cohesiveness and authority of motorcyclists voice to government”.

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