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NFDA highlights industry issues in 2017 budget submission

NFDA 14/02/2017

“Continued strong and open trade with the EU was a focal point included in the NFDA’s letter sent to the HM Treasury in advance of Budget 2017”, said Sue Robinson, Director of the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA), which represents franchised car and commercial vehicle retailers across the UK, commenting on the recent NFDA Budget submission.

The NFDA has outlined to the HM Treasury a number of economic and business policy concerns which include:

Open trade with the EU: the NFDA wants to see the UK retain as many benefits of single market membership as possible.

Fair and proportionate business taxation: there must be a period of certainty in business taxation to allow long term business planning.

Consistency on fuel policy in particular with regard to diesel vehicles.
A fuel duty cut or an extension of the freeze.

An industrial strategy that addresses the condition of UK roads including potholes, general road maintenance and social mobility.

An industrial strategy that supports automotive research, development and looks at the UK’s lack of road connectivity.

Continued access to business and consumer finance.

Robinson continued, “In a period of transition when the UK could face some instability, the retail automotive industry continues to be a key contributor to the UK economy. A combined turnover of £61.3bn across the top 200 franchised dealers and over 700,000 people working in the automotive industry, with 504,000 of them directly employed in the retail sector, confirm the strength and importance of the industry.

“It is vital that the Government engages with the retail side of the automotive industry and that well targeted measures are put in place to support businesses and sustain their growth.

“The NFDA hopes that these issues will be taken into consideration in next month’s budget.”

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