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NFDA 28/04/2022


Drive My Career has published the results of its latest survey which aims to better understand young people’s perceptions of the automotive industry, including valuable insights for dealers’ recruitment teams. The survey revealed that 39% of respondents who had not previously thought about working in automotive, would consider it, if they were made aware of the opportunities available.

Drive My Career (DMC) polls its target audience regularly to investigate trends and perceptions of recruitment within the automotive industry. The most recent survey, which ran between March and April 2022, received 153 responses, and compared a range of variables with automotive interests.

Working in automotive

When asked the question “Have you ever thought about working in Automotive Retail?”, less than one in three respondents said yes (29.75%). A disappointingly high 70.25% of respondents had not considered working in automotive, however, when they were asked the follow-up question “Would you consider working in automotive retail?”, 38.74% responded positively. The findings highlight that many of those who had not thought about a role in automotive could be converted, indicating that Drive My Career and its members must continue to raise awareness of the career opportunities available in the sector.

Automotive business areas

When respondents were asked “What business area of automotive retail most interests you?” the survey displayed clear popularity trends. Sales received the highest response rate at 26.58% with Technician/Mechanic and Administration following at 11.39%.

When comparing the results between males and females, female respondents displayed an overwhelming majority for Sales at 31.82%, with the second-highest being Administration at 14.77%. On the other hand, male respondents showed a fairly even distribution for interests with both Sales and Technician/Mechanic at 18.84%, Logistics & Parts Distribution at 15.94%, and IT & Web Development at 14.49%.

For our target audience of 16-24 years old, Sales again was the most popular area of interest, with Technician/Mechanic and IT/Web Development following closely behind. Interestingly, Logistics and Parts Distribution, received the lowest preferences, likely due to the lack of understanding around what a career in that specific area entails. This, again, presents an opportunity for DMC and its members to spread awareness, helping to engage a younger audience in automotive retail.  


Finally, when asked “Would you consider starting an Apprenticeship?”, 76% of respondents who were interested in working in Automotive said that they would, a positive statistic for Drive My Career. Moreover, 62% of respondents who were currently searching for a job would also consider starting an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships were extremely popular amongst our target audience, 79% of 13–17-year-olds were interested in starting an Apprenticeship in addition to 60% of 18–24-year-olds.

Sue Robinson, NFDA Chief Executive commented: “Drive My Career surveys are a useful tool to engage with the next generation of talent for the Automotive industry, with the intended goal to better understand young people’s perceptions of careers and help franchised dealers improve their recruitment processes.

“It is positive to see that many young people who would consider a career in Automotive retail are also interested in Apprenticeships.

“The latest survey is an example that the role of Drive My Career is more important now than ever and we will continue to work with our members to spread awareness of careers in automotive”.



Drive My Career continues to advertise automotive roles to young people across the UK seeking to start a career in automotive as well as producing monthly reports and insights for members. If you are interested in joining DMC Membership, please contact

Download the full insight report here.

What business area of automotive retail most interests you?

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