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PRA 21/09/2022

Today the Petrol Retailers Association wrote to the Chancellor of the Exchequer urging government’s recognition of the need to support forecourts businesses facing soaring energy costs this winter.

Gordon Balmer, Executive Director of the PRA said:

“While I welcome the Government’s recognition of the need to support businesses, six months of relief does not provide forecourts with sufficient support to survive these critical times.
If the price of energy rises, our members will face the prospect of having to raise the margin they earn on fuel with the consequent impact on pump prices and ultimately inflation.”

The PRA represents independently owned forecourts, which comprise 65% of all forecourts in the UK.

“The ongoing supply of fuel at forecourts is essential for national resilience. Last year we witnessed the chaos that results when there is a run-on fuel, and we are determined to not let that situation repeat itself.
The closure of forecourts could be devastating for many communities. Many of our members are family-owned single sites that provide customers with both fuel and food in a convenient location and at an affordable price. Regrettably, higher energy bills might have to be covered by increasing the price of fuel and food and this could lead to their customers no longer being able to afford to buy their products.”

 Balmer concluded “For the continued functioning of the economy and the preservation of the fuel resilience strategy, PRA wrote to the Chancellor of Exchequer urging to extend Government support in the form of the energy price cap to forecourts to a year, with the option to renew for an additional year.”.




On August 25, Gordon Balmer wrote a letter to the Secretary of State for BEIS, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and the two leading candidates expressing the need for Government intervention to ensure that forecourts are supported to ensure fuel resilience in the UK.


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