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Promising signs for the PTW market as New Registrations of EVs continue to show a substantial increase

NMDA 29/09/2022

The MCIA Press Statistics for Mopeds, Motorcycles and Tricycles showed Honda’s market domination for another consecutive month.

August was a promising month for the Power Two-Wheeler (PTW) market, showing growth in the majority of sectors. An overall summary of the market revealed new registrations increased 2.7% in August, with 8841 total registrations, as well as a 5.9% increase year to date (YTD).

Mopeds saw a 7.8% increase in new registrations during August 2022, recording 597 total new registrations.

The motorcycle sector documented a minor increase in new registered vehicles (2.3%), equating to a 5.8% increase YTD. Touring motorcycles were the largest contributor to this growth, with a 29.9% increase in new registrations, while Modern Classic motorcycles also increased new registrations by 14.8%. On the other hand, custom sales had a poor month with a -28.6% decrease in new registrations.

The only sector, in relation to style, which suffered a decline in new registrations YTD was the Tricycle sector which saw -6.9% new registrations. Although they had a negative YTD percentage, the Tricycle sector experienced a 10.6% increase during August 2022.

Within the engine band sector, 0-50cc vehicles received a significant increase of new registrations in august, 18.2%, as well as 126-650cc vehicles who increased registrations by 11.7%. Alternatively, the over 1000cc sector proved to be unsuccessful in August registering a -6.1% decrease in new registrations.

The high success of the Power Band sector came largely from 4-11kw vehicles, with 1272.7% more new registrations, selling 151 vehicles in August. In addition, 11-15kw vehicles showed an extremely positive increase in new registrations, recording 1366.7% YTD.

Notably, when the UK Two-Wheeler Market background information was analysed, it was unveiled that motorcycle rider test passes are currently the highest they have been in years (48.6 thousand).

Honda was the highest selling brand in the two-wheeler market, during August, with 1,509 registering vehicles. Their Honda PCX 125 dominated the motorcycle market, with a total of 457 registered. The highest selling EV in the Power Brand, during August, was the NIU NQi GTS CARGO which totalled 76 registrations by the end of the month.

Symon Cook, Head of NMDA, commented on this month’s MCIA new registration figures saying, “August showed positive signs in the Power Two-Wheeler market, especially in comparison to the poor figures recorded in previous months. The positive signs coming from the EV sector, especially the 4-11 kw and 11-15kw categories, is a sign of more product range and availability in today’s market.” 

Symon also acknowledged success in individual vehicles saying, “The Maeving RM1 is another good news story for British manufactured PTW’s, with sales of 55 units in August.” 

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