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NMDA 25/11/2022


The NMDA Dealer Attitude Survey (DAS) provides an overview of Power-Two-Wheelers (PTW) dealers’ satisfaction levels on key business issues affecting the relationship with their manufacturers. The survey attracted an improved response rate of 32%, up by 5% from the Spring NMDA DAS.

Symon Cook, Head of NMDA, commented: “The dealer attitude survey is a benchmark report for the industry, offering an overview of the retail bike sector. The survey recorded an improved average score across all questions which is incredibly positive and shows the resilience of retailers through a difficult period.”

Overall franchise value

The Autumn 2022 edition of the NMDA Dealer Attitude Survey revealed satisfaction levels with the value of holding their franchise at 7.5 points out of 10, an increase of 1.5 from the previous survey.

  • Triumph (9.1), BMW (8.8) and Royal Enfield (8.5) were the three highest-rated franchises.
  • Piaggio (5.8), Honda (6.4) and Harley Davidson (6.4) were the lowest ratings, yet all three improved their score from the last edition.

Profit return

When asked “how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the profit return representing your franchise?”, dealers recorded an average of 3.4 point out of 5. This represents an increase of 0.4 compared to last year.

  • The top three performers were Triumph (4.3), BMW (4.0) and Kawasaki (3.6).
  • The lowest performers were Piaggio and Yamaha at 2.7.

Ability to do business with manufacturers

The average score when asked about dealers’ ability to do business easily with their manufacturers on a day-to-day basis was 3.7. This represented an increase from Spring 2022’s 3.1

  • Lexmoto (4.4) and BMW (4.3) gave the highest scores.
  • Piaggio (2.3) and Ducati (2.9) recorded the lowest scores.

Dealer standards expected by your manufacturer

The average score in response to the dealer standards expected by your manufacture was a 3.4. This represents an increase from the Spring survey by 0.6 points.

  • Lexmoto (4.0) and Suzuki (4.0) have the two highest scores.
  • Honda (2.6) and Piaggio (2.6) gave the two lowest scores.

Electric Power Two Wheelers and Net-Zero Targets

For the first time, NMDA introduced a range of questions relating to the electrification of the market and in the influx of electric Power Two Wheelers (ePTWs).

When asked “How satisfied are you with your manufacturer’s strategy for the zero emissions deadline?”, the average score returned 3.2 out of 5.

  • BMW (3.7) and Lexmoto (3.5) were the two highest scores.
  • Royal Enfield (2.8), Suzuki (2.9) and Triumph (2.9) received the lowest scores.

Retailers were asked “How satisfied are you that your manufacturer’s current product line-up reflects the current market requirements with regards to Electric PTW?”, and the average score returned 3 out of 5.

  • Lexmoto (3.7) and Royal Enfield (3.5) recorded the highest return.
  • Harley Davidson retuned the lowest score with 2.2, whilst Honda, KTM and Suzuki all returned the second lowest score at 2.6.

Symon Cook continued: “OEMs and retailers continue to work under increasingly difficult circumstances relating to economic turbulence and on-going supply constraints. Therefore, NMDA is extremely pleased to see that the survey has returned improved responses from six months ago.

“The response rate of 32%, up 5% from the last edition, is also extremely encouraging and is evidence that we are receiving more engagement from dealers and the importance they place on this survey. It is crucial that manufacturers and retailers continue to work in a mutually beneficial way and use the survey responses as a mechanism to see which areas may need improvement.”




Find the full NMDA Dealer Attitude Survey Autumn 2022 HERE

Adam Weeks, NFDA Communications Officer

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Mobile: 0788 003 9897


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