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PRA 02/02/2023

Responding to the Government’s decision to introduce an abbreviated Energy Bill Discount Scheme, Gordon Balmer, Executive Director of the Petrol Retailers Association, said:

“Our members have worked hard to keep their communities fuelled and fed during unprecedented times. The Government’s failure to provide targeted help to sectors most in need will threaten fuel resilience in the UK.

“We urge the Chancellor to reconsider his decision and offer support to business who might struggle to survive after this cut.

“The PRA will continue to engage with the Government to achieve targeted support for those businesses most in need.”



On Monday, the exchequer secretary to the Treasury announced that the current scheme that capped the unit cost of gas and electricity for all businesses will expire at the end of March. The new Energy Bill Discount Scheme will reduce rather than cap energy costs for businesses and will last for 12 months. Under the new scheme, gas and electricity prices will be reduced per unit of power. Bills will automatically be deducted by up to £6.97 per megawatt hour (MWh) for gas bills and up to £19.61 per MWh for electricity bills. Businesses can only benefit from the scheme when electricity and gas bills are high. Only when prices reach £107 per MWh for gas and £302 per MWh for electricity or higher will companies receive discounts.

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