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NMDA 13/03/2023

“It is unsurprising to see a fall in registration figures for bikes in February, a slow start to the year which can be attributed to a range of factors including supply issues, the economic squeeze on riders’ pockets and preparations for the new plate change month of March,” said Symon Cook, Head of National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA) commenting on the latest MCIA registration figures.

In February, total registration figures fell by -7.6%, from 5,212 units to 4,814.

The market with the highest selling volume, the Scooter, fell from 1,752 units to 1,379 units (-21.3%). Followed by the second highest volume, Naked Motorcycles, experienced consecutive growth from 820 units to 945 (15.2%). Promising growth was seen yet again in Modern Classics with 426 (42.5%), competition at 446 units (18%) and Other Tricycle with 14 units (250%).

Internal Combustion Engine PTW registrations fell by -3.7% (4,594 units) and Electric PTWs followed pursuit with a -50% reduction, which is -55% year-on-year.

Symon Cook added: “With warmer months approaching for Spring and Summer, trading periods will inevitably get stronger. NMDA dealers remain confident that 2023 will be a profitable year for the motorbike industry.”

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