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NFDA 01/06/2023

“It is extremely positive to see that  the automotive retailing sector has embraced the NFDA Electric Vehicle Approved (EVA) scheme since its launch in 2019. Over the years, the scheme has continued to grow in strength and we are pleased to have now reached our latest significant milestone of 500 accredited dealer sites,” said Sue Robinson Chief Executive of the National Franchised Dealers Association (NFDA) which represents car and commercial retailers across the UK.

The EVA accreditation scheme was developed in 2019 by the NFDA to encourage retailers to enhance their expertise in the electric vehicle sector and support consumer confidence as the market moves towards the electrification of the vehicle parc. The EVA scheme is endorsed by the Government’s Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) and is independently audited by Energy Saving Trust.

EVA certifies the efforts and investments that retailers are making to meet the ever-growing consumer demand for EVs. It is the only scheme that provides an EV-specific accreditation to retailers who meet a stringent set of standards.

In addition to reaching 500 accredited franchised dealer sites across the UK, the EVA scheme has recently had a number of other success stories:

  1. Audi UK became the first manufacturer to achieve 100% accreditation across its entire UK dealership network
  2. EVA launched its pilot scheme entering into the auction sector, to which Shore Vehicle Auctions became the first auction site in the UK to achieve its EVA accreditation
  3. EVA accredited dealers will have their accreditations displayed on Auto Trader’s Dealer platform

Manufacturers are also fully engaged with the scheme and are encouraging their respective dealer networks to certify their sites. Dealership networks are also now utilising the faster and more efficient application process which permits an entire network application at one time.

Sue Robinson continued: “Electric vehicle demand continues to be a driving force in the UK new car market, as consumers are becoming, more aware of the financial and environmental benefits of shifting to electric. It is now more important than ever to be ahead of the curve and ensure dealerships are prepared for the continued electric revolution and support consumers in making their transition before the proposed ban of new ICE sales in 2030.

“Franchised dealers with their EVA accreditation are at the forefront of EV retail and continue to help consumers enter and navigate the EV market, existing as critical information hubs. It is vital that EVA accredited dealers continue to promote their accreditation to consumers through our EVA promotional marketing pack, using their accreditation as an immediate identifier of their EV excellence and offering a competitive advantage on those that have not.”

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